Feature Film Presentation

Block #3

Quite the glutton for punishment, are we?
… if you are as sick and twisted as the characters in this feature tale, then who are we to stop you?

Our Feature Film Presentation, “1 Dead Dog” (USA) is shown in this block with two additional short films, “Make Me a Sandwich” (Canada) and this year’s BEST FILM, “The Preacher” (USA).

“1 Dead Dog”
3 serial killers bond over their body count in this dark comedy from director Rollyn Stafford (@rollynstafford).  

The motion picture features “Best Actress” Meagan Karimi-Naser, as well as Mark Patton, horror icon from “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.”

1 Dead Dog” also stars Brian Sutherland and Daniel Timothy Treacy.

movie poster - The PreacherThe Preacher” from Jared Tipton, is a film 32 years in the making! He originally shot it on VHS in 1988 and in 2020 rediscovered all his original footage to create something totally vintage. 

And “Make Me a Sandwich” is just plain fun & rewarding! We are positive you’ll love it. 


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Films Available to view Oct. 9th - Nov. 1st

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1 Dead Dog

Directed by Rollyn Stafford (USA)

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Make me a Sandwich

Directed by Denman Hatch (Canada)

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The Preacher

Directed by Jared Tipton (USA)

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Films in this Block

1 Dead Dog” (USA, 87min) 

Make Me a Sandwich” (Canada, 3min)
The Preacher” (USA, 13min)

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