Short Films

Block #2

Welcome back to the graveyard. Haven’t had enough, have we? Then get comfortable and feast upon even more tales of the macabre in this block of tales…

This collection of short horror films are curated from around the world, and include tales of witches, demonic possessions, teenage slashers, and more. 

Watch as often as you like, either from our webpage or “cast it” to your home media device (Roku, AppleTV, ChromeCast, or FireStick). 

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Films Available to view Oct. 9th - Nov. 1st

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Featured Trailers

The Axe & the Iron

Directed by Matthew Roseman (USA)

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Make a Wish

Directed by Dinh Thai (USA)

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Snake Eyes

Directed by Daniele Zinelli (USA)

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Good Man

Directed by Daniele Zinelli (Italy)

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Directed by Heather Halstead (USA)

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The Greatest Horror Film Ever Made

Directed by Brandon Jordan (USA)

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All Films in this Block

Abscessed” (USA, 2min)
The Axe and the Iron” (USA, 11min)
BLUR” (USA, 15min)
Create Your Killer” (Sweden, 8min)
Desert Quarantine” (USA, 14min)
The Devil’s Harp” (USA, 4min)
Good Man” (Italy, 10min)
The Greatest Horror Film Ever Made” (USA, 13min)
La Chancla” (USA, 4min)
Make a Wish” (USA, 8min)
Momma, Don’t Go” (USA, 5min)
Portrait of a Lady” (USA, 5min)
Snake Eyes” (USA, 8min)

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