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October, 2021

Join us, over three weekends in October we will be sharing the best in original independent horror films from across the globe. 

Each Viewing Block will screen for one weekend – you can buy a View Pass for each weekend for $10 or buy a View All Pass for $20 and get the opportunity to watch all three blocks of films this month. 

Oct. 15-17

The Witch’s Bargain” (USA, 30min) 

Koreatown Ghost Story” (USA)
Smiles” (Spain)
“Golem” (Australia)
Crock Pot” (USA)
Zombies Like to Watch” (USA)
The Nest” (USA)
Dragonfly” (USA)
Timber” (USA)
Transfigure” (USA)
Murder House” (USA)
Shoot ’em in the Head” (USA)
Don’t Run” (USA)

Oct. 22-24

The Tell Tale Heart” (USA, 22min) 

Dana” (Spain)
You Will Never Be Back” (Spain)
Home Before Midnight” (USA)
Script” (Italy)
The Fall” (UK)
Night Terror” (USA)
Creature” (USA)
Relentless” (Australia)
Occupier” (USA)
The Killdren Are Coming” (USA)
Born to be Damned III” (France)
Keep Closed at All Times” (USA)

Oct. 29-31

When the House Goes Black” (USA, 30min) 

The Devil’s Harmony” (UK)
Stalag III-C” (Belarus)
Pizzaman” (USA)
Lake Forest Road” (USA)
Zombie Walk
The Nick” (Australia)
Nebula” (Spain)
Midnight” (USA)
Knock Knock” (USA)
What if Feels Like For a Girl” (USA)
Rules of the Dead” (USA)
The Dentist” (USA)

Coming in November

Comedy Festival

Block #1 – Nov. 19-21

Block #2 – Nov. 26-28

Block #3 – Dec. 3-5

Festival Winners

Comedy Awards

About the festival

Created in 2007, the Killer Valley Horror Film Festival (KVHFF) was born of a love of classic horror movies and for independent, underground films.

In 2018 the Killer Valley team started a second genre film festival, the Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival, celebrating original, underground comedy producers. 

Our festival fans and the filmmakers alike seem to have so much fun with these films, that each live event is bustling with action and becomes a great networking experience.

We invite you to either submit your film (horror or comedy), or check our schedule to join us for the next upcoming film festival.