It's A-Live!

The 2022 Killer Valley Horror Film Festival

live screening

This is our 15th year, and we are excited to be LIVE once again! 

Thank you to all who came out to watch on Saturday – the live event was a smashing success! We are so stoked to have gotten to share with you all again. 

Additional “BIG THANKS” to the Talent Community Center for giving us great rate on renting the space, and to The Grotto Pizzeria for some excellent intermission snacks!

Live Screening:

Saturday, Oct. 29th

Talent Community Center
104 E. Main St.
Talent, OR 97540
[map link]

*Local to Southern Oregon? Buy a “View All” Pass to stream all the online films, PLUS your ticket to the Live “Best of 2022” screening. Just grab your view pass here, and bring your email receipt to the live screening for admission.  

Online Streaming:

All film blocks are streaming for ONE LAST NIGHT!

WATCH ALL on Halloween, Oct 31st

use coupon code HORRORFANS at checkout to view any block for $5 or get a  “View All Pass” for $10!

*Local to Southern Oregon? Your “View All” Pass also gets you free access to our Live “Best of 2022” Killer Valley Horror Film Fest on Saturday, Oct 29 in Talent, Oregon!

Encore - Oct. 31

Bug Bites
The Naughty List
Baby Monitor
Song For the Pale
13 Callaway

Encore - Oct. 31


Monsters Are Real
Daytrip Massacre
We Got a Dog
The Trunk
Odessas Riddle
The Bottom
Jack of All Lanterns
Monsters Aren’t Real

Encore - Oct. 31


The Knife
The Date
Mummering Legends
Death in a Box
The Urn
Make it out alive
Don’t Stay Too Long
The Auteur

Official Selections - 2022

Local Films

The Knife (Talent, OR)
The Trunk (Medford, OR)
Monsters Are Real (Klamath Falls, OR)
The Date (Ashland, OR)

Domestic Films

Milton (USA)
Paracosm (USA)
The Auteur (USA)
Finger (USA)
Ringworms (USA)
We Got a Dog (USA)
Song for the Pale (USA)
13 Callawy Place (USA)
Death in a Box (USA)
Jack of All Lanterns (USA)
Make it Out Alive (USA)
The Bottom (USA)
Caregiver (USA)
Odessa’s Riddle (USA)
The Naughty List (USA)
Orientation (USA)
Daytrip Massacre (USA)
Bug Bites (USA)
Wich (USA)

International Films

The Peeper (Ukraine)
A Really Bad Place (Finland)
Don’t Stay Too Long (Finland)
Mummering Legends (Canada)
Paralyzed (Canada)
The Microscope (UK)
Janus (UK)
Baby Monitor (UK)
Monsters Aren’t Real (Australia)
The Urn (Australia)
Unheimlich (Mexico)
ofuda (Japan)
665 (Spain)

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Featured Trailers

Monsters are REal

Directed by Ron Huffstutter
Produced by Tunnel 13 Films

Daytrip Massacre

Directed by Artie Brennan
& Anthony Giordano


Directed by Eric Swiz
Written by Roger Casey


Directed by Will Lee
Written by Ian Hedman


Directed by Fabio Colonna
Produced by Reserva Films

The Bottom

Directed by James Kautz
& Morgan Ruaidhrí O’Sullivan


from the Graveyard

This is the kind of small, homegrown, labor of love festival I go out of my way to attend. Intimate and bloody and silly and beer-soaked, it's a fun and ridiculous evening shared with like-minded horror nerds, and the films themselves were impressive. Thanks to Ross and Randy for having me, and you can bet I'll be back!
Jacob Strunk
Nice experience! Great Film Festival! 😀
David Valverde
Great Festival. Ross and his team work hard to make a quality fest!
Timothy Vandenberg, Director, Agatha
An excellent festival, highly recommended.
Alfonso García lópez
These folks know how to make a festival fun.
Ryan Worsley

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About the festival

Created in 2007, the Killer Valley Horror Film Festival (KVHFF) was born of a love of classic horror movies and for independent, underground films.

In 2018 the Killer Valley team started a second genre film festival, the Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival, celebrating original, underground comedy producers. 

Our festival fans and the filmmakers alike seem to have so much fun with these films, that each live event is bustling with action and becomes a great networking experience.

We invite you to either submit your film (horror or comedy), or check our schedule to join us for the next upcoming film festival.