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Final Weeekend - Dec. 3-5, 2021

Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival

2021 Comedy Festival

Celebrating original, independent films

This year we are showing 40 total films, 2 Local Southern Oregon Films from directors Kurk Kasparian and Jamison Winternitz, 21 US made films, and 17 Foreign Films!

A couple highlights are “She Had it Coming,” directed by Gedde Watanabe (16 Candles) and “We Three Queens,” starring Emma Hunter (Letterkenny).

2021 Comedy Awards

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Comedy Film Blocks

Dec. 5th

Night of the Jarrawog
Welcome to Our Home
You Said
Put a Stick In it
The Fans
Thomas Ja Crankler
The Penis
The Wrong Guy
The Bench
While the Cats Away

Dec. 5th

The Killer in Cursed Water
Bixwad at the Diner
Dont Jump
Fat Camp
Happy Prank Day
Please Hold
Common courtesy
The Carnival
The First Shot
It’s Cold
The Plan

Dec. 3rd-5th

The Lake Parasite
No Hug Policy
Pretty Metal
Rock City
She Had it Coming
The Decisive Moment
The Divorce
The Mill Creek Strangler
We Three Queens
The Applicant
The Printer

gedde watanabe

Gedde Watanabe

Watch "She Had it Coming," directed by Gedde Watanabe.

emma hunter

Emma Hunter

Don't miss Emma Hunter, starring in "We Three Queens."

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We know you like to watch.

3 Weekends of Comedy

The Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival came about in our 10th year of hosting our horror film festival.

We had so many great horror films that had been made “tongue-in-cheek,” we decided to run two nights: one for “scary” horror fans and one for “funny” horror fans. 

Realizing that outside of genre films like horror, there are so many amazing comedy directors out there and still too few venues to celebrate Comedy Films – so we launched our comedy festival and have had a blast every year! 

Say What?

Chris Youngless

This is a super fun festival hosted by a fantastic team. I cannot say enough nice things about it.

Matthew J. Kaplan

A great bunch of dedicated, passionate people who know a lot about killer comedy!

Ruth Lawrence

Just as their name says, this fest is Killer!

Timothy Vandenberg

Great Festival. Ross and his team work hard to make a quality fest!

Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival

Limited Streaming!

3 Weekends from Nov. 19th - Dec. 5th, 2021