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Oct. 15th-31st, 2021

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2021 Horror Awards

Best SFX Nominees:
“The Witch’s Bargain”
“The Tell Tale Heart”

Best SFX Winner:
The Witch’s Bargain” – Directed by Corey J. Trahan

Best Actor Nominees”
Luis Miguel Jara – “Smiles”
Sean Abplanalp – “Zombies Like to Watch”
Sonny Grimsley – “The Tell Tale Heart”
Andrew Creme – “Night Terror”

Winner, Best Actor:
Sonny Gimsley – “The Tell Tale Heart”

Best Actress Nominees:
Lily Gibson – “Creature”
Lyrica Okano – “Koreatown Ghost Story”
Ximena Vera – “You Will Never Be Back”
Ilana Labourene – “When the House Goes Black”

Winner, Best Actress:
Lyrica Okano – “Koreatown Ghost Story”

Best Film Nominees:
“The Witch’s Bargain”
“The Tell Tale Heart”
“Koreatown Ghost Story”
“Home Before Midnight”

Winner, Best Film:
“The Tell Tale Heart” – Directed by McClain Lindquist

Featured Trailers

Koreatown Ghost Story

From Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum (US)

The Tell Tale Heart

Directed by McClain Lindquist (US)


Directed by Piero Cannata  (Italy)

Film Line-up 2021


The Witch’s Bargain (US)
The Tell-Tale Heart
When the House Goes Black


Koreatown Ghost Story (US)
Smiles (Spain)
Golem (Australia)
Crock Pot (US)
Zombies Like to Watch (US)
The Nest (US)
Dragonfly (US)
Timber (US)
Transfigure (US)
Murder House (US)
Shoot ’em in the Head (US)
Don’t Run (US)
Home Before Midnight (US)
Script (Italy)
Lisa (US)
You Will Never Be Back (Spain)
Your Turn (US)
Night Terror (US)
Creature (US)
Relentless (Australia)
Occupier (US)
The Killdren Are Coming (US)
Born to be Damned III (France)
Keep Closed at All Times (US)
Familiar (UK)
Stalag III-C (Belarus)
Pizzaman (US)
Lake Forest Road (US)
Zombie Walk(US)
The Nick (Australia)
Nebula (Spain)
Midnight (US)
Knock Knock (US)
What if Feels Like For a Girl (US)
Rules of the Dead (US)
The Dentist (US)


from the Graveyard

This is the kind of small, homegrown, labor of love festival I go out of my way to attend. Intimate and bloody and silly and beer-soaked, it's a fun and ridiculous evening shared with like-minded horror nerds, and the films themselves were impressive. Thanks to Ross and Randy for having me, and you can bet I'll be back!
Jacob Strunk
Nice experience! Great Film Festival! 😀
David Valverde
Great Festival. Ross and his team work hard to make a quality fest!
Timothy Vandenberg, Director, Agatha
An excellent festival, highly recommended.
Alfonso García lópez
These folks know how to make a festival fun.
Ryan Worsley