2019 Festival Winners

Best Film (Comedy) – “Melvin and the Microphone”

Best Film (Horror) – “Vexxed”

Best Actor – Eric Prochnau, “Melvin and the Microphone”

Best Actress – Brialynn Massie, “Self Sabotage”

Best FX – “Scamp”



Chills, Thrills and Peals of Laughter

by Catherinie Kelley
Rogue Valley Messenger (Oct. 10, 2019)

Horror Film Line-up 2019

We’re super excited to announce the official line-up for this year’s Killer Valley Horror Festival, which will be held Saturday, October 12th in Ashland, OR! 
(Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival follows on Sun., Oct. 13th!)

If you enjoy independent horror films, this should be an awesome night! We will be featuring 27 Horror short films from all over the world, not counting 20+ 15-second shorts mixed in. 

We have films for all your horrific tastes, horror-comedy, gore-spectacles, animated, amazing FX, thought-provoking, sexual-deviancy and more!

FB RSVP event:


Dolly – Directed by Randy Granstrom
Stitched to Perfection – Directed by Jeremy Berg
What Did You See? – Directed by Christian Nava 


Creaker – Directed by Vidar T. Aune
The Desecrated – Directed by John Gray (Creator of Ghost Whisper)
The Fisherman – Directed by Rion Smith
The Helping Hand – Directed by Brenden Hubbard
Hazard – Directed by Gairo Cuevas
Let Me Play – Directed by Andrew Bell
Murdercycle – Directed by Tyler Turner
Scamp – Directed by John Han, Produced by former Ashlander, Piers Dennis – by Crypt TV
Seagrass – Directed by Dylan Clark
Self Sabotage – Directed by Brialynn Massie
The Shed – Directed by David Axe
Toe – Directed by Neal O’Bryan
Until the Wheels Fall Off – Directed by David Hall
Vexed – Directed by Marc Cartwright of Glass Cabin Films


Adima – Directed by Harinarayan Rajeev, Canada produced by Neo Panthera
GOTAS aka Drops – Directed by Sergio Morcillo, Spain
Five Course Meal – Directed by James Cadden, Canada produced by Cadden & Bell Productions
Horror Story – Directed by Alvise Avati, UK
LOBISOME – Directed by Juan De Dios Garduño, Spain produced by Rumbo Films
The Rejected – Directed by Onur Doğa, Turkey
SAVE 2.0 – Directed by Ivan Sainz-Pardo, Spain
Sexorcism – Directed by David-Jan Bronsgeest, Netherlands
The Third Hand – Directed by Yoni Weisberg, UK
Weird Stuff – Directed by Arturs Gabrans, UK