November 11th, 2017

The Films

Wicked Pixie Productions “Do I Scare You?”

The final film in ROW 211 FILMS I Never Trilogy “I Never Did”

Free Fire Films “Dial Tone”

Southern Oregon University’s Christian Nava’s “Bob the Killer”

Klamath Falls Filmmaker Ryan Niemi “Touch the Light”

Alexander Mattingly’s “Admonition” starring Adrienne King!

Also Showing!

Jacob Strunk’s “An Elder Man” starring The Monster Squad’s Ryan Lambert!

Mitchell Vincent Slan’s “Balloon”

Crap Films “Weed Whacker Massacre”

Adam A. Losurdo’s “HOPE”

Ivan Radovic’s “Eldritch Code”

Doug Hawley’s “Cursed World Problems”

Caitlin Koller’s “Blood Sisters”

Timothy Vandenberg’s “Agatha”

Michael Trainotti’s “In My Room”

Zak White and Todd Spence’s “Your Date is Here”

Nicholas Santos’ “Holiday Fear”