2020 Comedy Awards


Philippe Uchan – Bonne Conduite
Cain Lee Graham – The Funeral
Joey Harmon – Mailer Daemon
Fernando Viera – The Man Who Became a Meme

Second Life Citizensproduced by Hiraeth Films
Bag Your Facedirected by Keith Eyrich
HAMSTERdirected by Clifford Milner
La Tercera Partedirected by Alicia Albares & Paco Cavero
Another Cancer Moviedirected by Joe Burke 

Nicole Katzew – ¿Qué Harías? 
Nadia Bastarrachea – ¿Qué Harías?
Susan Varon – Swung
Hilary Bowen-Walsh – Bitch
Catherine Mersereau – How to Save a Marriage

How to Save a Marriagedirected by Eric Foss
Another Cancer Moviedirected by Joe Burke
Cuckoo!directed by Jorgen Scholtens
The Man Who Became a Memedirected by João Rabello
Bitchdirected by Darragh Moran

Award Winners

2020 Comedy Fest Awards Best Ensemble Cast

Best Ensemble Cast

“Another Cancer Movie” from Joe Burke (follow)

2020 Comedy Fest Awards Best Film

Best Comedy Film

“The Man Who Became a Meme” from João Rabello (follow)

2020 Comedy Fest Awards Best Actor

Best Actor in a Comedy

Joey Harmon in “Mailer Daemon”

2020 Comedy Fest Awards Best Actress

Best Actress in a Comedy

Hilary Bowen-Walsh in “Bitch”

About the 2020 Fest

2020 Comedy Festival

Celebrating original, independent films

Thank you for joining us for 2020’s Killer Valley Comedy Festival! We shared some ridiculously fun films from around the world this year, and had a blast!

Films in the comedy festival include “Mr. Dark: A Tasty Burger,” directed by Jesse James Hennessy, who brought a fan-favorite, “Night of the Witch” to our 2020 Horror Film Festival. 

Another Cancer Movie” reunites director Joe Burke with Oliver Cooper (2020 Best Actor, Horror), also from our  2020 Horror Festival (“Desert Quarantine”). 

Spliced throughout the fest were some retro contributions of hilarious VHS commercials from the archives of SkyCorp

Swung 13
We know you like to watch.

Original, Underground Comedy

Limited Streaming

The Killer Valley Comedy Film Festival came about in our 10th year of hosting our horror film festival.

We had so many great horror films that had been made “tongue-in-cheek,” we decided to run two nights: one for “scary” horror fans and one for “funny” horror fans. 

Realizing that outside of genre films like horror, there are so many amazing comedy directors out there and still too few venues to celebrate Comedy Films – so we launched our comedy festival and have had a blast every year! 

Comedy Film Blocks

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Shorts Block #1

Gay Divorce Lawyers
Hard Core Pong
Mailer Daemon
The Man Who Became a Meme
Mr Dark “A Tasty Burger”
The Virus

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Shorts Block #2

Another Cancer Movie
The Body
Bonne Conduite
Cheddar Broc Bread Bowl
Eugene Eubanks
Unscripted Minis
White Pants
¿Qué Harías?

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Shorts Block #3

Bag Your Face
Dinner For Two
Dylan & Dave
The Funeral
How to Save a Marriage
Nukey the Nuke Boy
Second Life Citizens
The Third Part

In the Press

Say What?

Chris Youngless

This is a super fun festival hosted by a fantastic team. I cannot say enough nice things about it.

Matthew J. Kaplan

A great bunch of dedicated, passionate people who know a lot about killer comedy!

Ruth Lawrence

Just as their name says, this fest is Killer!

Timothy Vandenberg

Great Festival. Ross and his team work hard to make a quality fest!

(in no particular order)

Gunfight! – Directed by The Helmers

Second Life Citizens – Directed by Neil Willoughby (follow)

Mr. Dark “A Tasty Burger” – Directed by Jesse James Hennessy (follow)

Cheddar Broc Bread Bowl – Directed by Ben Simpkins (follow)

Dinner for Two – Directed by Finnian Williamson

Tipsy – Directed by Daryl Della (follow)

HAMSTER – Directed by Clifford Milner

Cuckoo! – Directed by Jörgen Scholtens (follow)

Stay – Directed by Ken Amin (follow)

Swung – Directed by Fokke Baarssen (follow)

How To Save A Marriage – Directed by Eric Foss (follow)

Hard Core Pong – Directed by Peter William Francis

Bonne Conduite – Directed by Théo Semeteys

The Funeral – Directed by Klein Haley

The Man Who Became A Meme – Directed by João Rabello (follow)

Eugene Eubanks: Baltimore’s Favorite Son, a Bowling Story – Directed by Radomir Jordanovic

The Body – Directed by Adam Weber (follow)

Bitch – Directed by Darragh Moran

Paved – Directed by Justin Norman

Another Cancer Movie – Directed by Joe Burke (follow)

The Third Part – Directed by Alicia Albares, Paco Cavero

¿Qué Harías? – Directed by Nicole Katzew (follow)

Mailer Daemon – Submitted by John Mudge (follow)

Bag Your Face – Directed by Keith Eyrich (follow)

Gay Divorce Lawyers – Directed by David Morton

Unscripted Minis – Directed by Jack Hemphill

Nukey The Nuke Boy – Directed by Demetrios Tzamaras (follow)

The Virus – Directed by Kindrid Parker & Jon Allen (follow)

White Pants – Directed by Sylvia Massy (follow)

Dylan & Dave  Directed by Greg Zajac

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